Blue Lagoon Beach

blue lagoon beach at port dickson

Located about 21 kilometres from Grand Lexis Port Dickson, Blue Lagoon Beach is a small, but popular beachside destination in Port Dickson, Malaysia. It’s enclosed within a secluded bay just before Cape Rachado. For those who are driving, Blue Lagoon can be easily accessible by car and it is approximately 30 minutes away from Grand Lexis Port Dickson.

Sheltered by a dense cover of lush vegetation and forests from surrounding foothills, Blue Lagoon enjoys a delightful tranquillity, even with many visitors around. If you like to relax on the beach while enjoying wildlife activity, Blue Lagoon is the best beach spot in Malaysia. Due to its proximity to the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve, wildlife sightings are common, including migratory birds, squirrels and monkeys.

At Blue Lagoon, the sea waters are calm and shallow. It’s a result of the bay’s naturally deep recess and sandbanks that protect this lovely location from strong tides and currents. Throughout Port Dickson, Blue Lagoon is one of the perfect seaside escapes, especially for picnics and beach activities. During the day, visitors may organize fun things to do such as beach volleyball, frisbee, building sandcastles, collecting seashells, kayaking or just chilling out with friends and family. During low tide, you can see different types of small coral reefs, which sometimes attract scuba divers. When night falls, visitors may camp at the beachside or venture out beyond the shore to fish.

Souvenirs and beach accessories can also be found from the row of shops located near Blue Lagoon’s entrance. Adults may enjoy spending time checking out the variety of keepsakes such as keychains, stationary, beach gear and clothing. Kids might be interested in the colourful beach toys and inflatables pools on display. For your dining pleasure, enjoy the local dishes available at the small food court along Blue Lagoon.

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