Places of Interest In Port Dickson

The state of Negeri Sembilan is associated with the Minangkabau culture and is reflected by the buffalo horn-like upswept roofs that adorn many Port Dickson tourist spots. Wondering about what to do in Port Dickson? Why not experience the myriad of interesting places in the vicinity of Port Dickson itself, or even take a drive to Seremban, the state capital which is about 20 minutes from the resort. Here, one can visit the State Museum, Cultural Handicraft Complex, the State Mosque, Lake Gardens and the numerous shopping centres. Sri Menanti, the site of Malaysia’s largest traditional timber palace is about an hour’s drive from the resort. 

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The structure of the square maze at Port Dickson

PD Maze

Photo Source - PD Maze
Just a 9-minute drive away from Grand Lexis Port Dickson, locals and tourists alike are flocking to this new 4000 metre square maze to lose themselves in the network of 1300 metre hedges while discovering plenty of beautiful sculptures, artwork and fantastic photo opportunities.

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 lukut fort and museum at port dickson

Lukut Fort and Museum

Photo Source -
For history buffs, Muzium Lukut is one attraction that you must visit if you’re ever in Negeri Sembilan. The Lukut Museum in Port Dickson, which also doubles as a fort, captures the glory of Lukut’s past years.

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army museum, military museum port dickson

Army Museum Port Dickson

Photo Source - Travel
Approximately a 15-minute drive from Grand Lexis Port Dickson, The Army Museum, which is also known as Muzium Tentera Darat or Army Museum PD by area residents, is located in the district of Sirusa.

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rachado lighthouse at tanjung tuan beach, port dickson

Rachado Lighthouse, Tanjung Tuan Beach

Photo Source - Tripadvisor
Are you looking for a sweet escape from the busy town of Port Dickson? Then head 17 kilometres south and you’ll reach Tanjung Tuan Port Dickson. Be prepared to experience picturesque destinations and the perfect spots to unwind.

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 ostrich farm in port dickson

PD Ostrich & Pets Show Farm

Photo Source - Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson
PD Ostrich Show Farm, or PD Ostrich Farm, is located approximately 17.4 kilometres away from Grand Lexis Port Dickson. It is the area’s main attraction and is popular among the locals as well as visiting tourists.

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 kota lukut small town, capital of negeri sembilan and port dickson town

Kota Lukut, Port Dickson

Photo Source - Cycling Addicts
Kota Lukut is a small part of Port Dickson in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsula Malaysia.

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 shopping destination regina mall at port dickson

Regina Mall Port Dickson

Photo Source -
Located approximately 5.8 kilometres away from Grand Lexis Port Dickson, Regina Mall Port Dickson is a newly refurbished shopping destination by Regina Group.

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 tourist attraction upside down house of port dickson

Upside Down House Port Dickson

Photo Source -
With our current obsession with snapping one-of-a-kind pictures and selfies, Upside Down House Port Dickson is definitely a place that aims to please.

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 extreme park at port dickson

Extreme Park Port Dickson

Photo Source - Skudal
Located approximately 26.9 kilometres away from Grand Lexis Port Dickson, Extreme Park Port Dickson is an outdoor sports and recreation attraction for those who enjoy some good blood-tingling fun.

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pd golf and country club at port dickson

Port Dickson Golf & Country Club

Photo Source -
Port Dickson Golf & Country Club, also known as PD Golf and Country Club or PD Golf & Country Club, is located approximately 13.9 kilometres away from Grand Lexis Port Dickson.

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blue lagoon beach at port dickson

Blue Lagoon Beach

Photo Source - Port Dickson Info
Located about 21 kilometres from Grand Lexis Port Dickson, Blue Lagoon Beach is a small, but popular beachside destination in Port Dickson, Malaysia. It’s enclosed within a secluded bay just before Cape Rachado.

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Sky Ladder Pineapple Farm

Photo Source - Instagram: @we_are_the_travellers
Sky Ladder Pineapple Farm offers a fascinating agrotourism experience with an assortment of activities related to the local farm life.

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