High tide at Pantai Cermin Port Dickson
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What to Expect and Prepare when
You Travel to Port Dickson

Published November 3, 2020


Clear beaches and secluded lagoons of port dickson
This coastal city in Negeri Sembilan will delight beachgoers as there are more than 20 beaches located in the various coastal regions and secluded lagoons of PD.


Planning and preparing for a trip can be as fun and fulfilling as the trip itself, and it is especially rewarding when all the time and effort you put into the careful research and planning finally come to fruition, as you get to enjoy an easy and hassle-free time without being bogged down by unexpected hitches and a nagging sense of uncertainty throughout the entire trip. A well-planned out trip will also allow you to see and experience as many places as possible within a constricted period of time, making every minute of your journey count. 

Relaxing beach vacation beside a swimming pool in port dickson.
Treat yourself to a relaxing beach vacation with access to a swimming pool at one of the many beach resorts in Port Dickson.


If you are planning for a trip to the sunkissed Port Dickson any time soon, then you should definitely check out the many Port Dickson travel guides shared by local travellers as well as outlanders on what to expect and prepare before the trip. It takes only around an hour’s drive to travel from KLIA to Port Dickson and from Port Dickson to KLIA2, making it one of the favourite destinations for travellers everywhere.

Here’s a couple of useful pointers from various Port Dickson travel guides worth taking note of while planning your next Port Dickson getaway: 


1. Best time to visit Port Dickson

Breathtaking sunset view over the beach villa in port dickson.
Port Dickson is enjoyable throughout the year but among all the months, January and February can be considered as the best time to visit.


Taking into consideration the Port Dickson weather, if you are looking to get a good tan, or indulge in water sports, hiking and a lot of sightseeing then Port Dickson is definitely a great place to be from the month of January to March when this coastal town is the driest with the least amount of rainfall.

The month of June is also a good time to take advantage of the sunny Port Dickson weather and check in to a resort with a nice swimming pool or even private pools like Grand Lexis Port Dickson where you can spend the day lounging on sunbeds by the pool and soaking in the Port Dickson sunshine and ocean breeze.

It is no wonder that these resort comes highly recommended by most Port Dickson travel guides. Outlanders travelling to Malaysia in seek of rich tropical sunshine can easily head over to Port Dickson’s coastline of warm beaches as it is very convenient to travel from KLIA to Port Dickson and from KLIA2 to Port Dickson.

As Port Dickson experiences a warmer climate, mosquitoes tend to be more rampant and are more active especially at dusk and in the late evenings. Tourists are encouraged to take the following measures to reduce the risk of being bitten:

  • Wear long, light-coloured clothing when you go outdoors, especially at times when mosquitoes are active.
  • Use mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites. It is recommended to apply mosquito repellent before leaving your hotel especially during later parts of the day.

2. What to do in Port Dickson

Awesome shot on a red bridge in Port Dickson
Escape the frenzy of Port Dickson city and immerse yourself in Port Dickson’s rich natural landscape and beaches.


A quick read through a few Port Dickson travel guides online and you will discover that Port Dickson is a quiet coastal town with surprisingly a lot to offer. The town is famous for its stunning beaches such as Blue Lagoon, Pantai Cermin, Teluk Kemang, Tanjung Tuan and Pantai Cahaya Negeri. They appeal to tourists from all walks of life seeking the perfect place to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, spot the local wildlife such as squirrels and monkeys, enjoy water sports or take awesome holiday snaps with loved ones. 

Don’t forget to pack these essentials when heading to the beach: swimsuits, sunscreen, sandals, sunglasses, after sun cream, hand sanitizers and disposable wipes. 

Other than its beautiful beaches, many Port Dickson travel guides would recommend hiking to the historic lighthouse of Cape Rachado and birdwatching, both of which is perfect for the sunny Port Dickson weather. It takes only around an hour’s drive to reach Cape Rachado Port Dickson from KLIA, or KLIA2 to Cape Rachado Port Dickson via Route 5.

Port Dickson travel guides also highlight plenty of places of interest in Port Dickson that are fairly entertaining and worth visiting, such as its ostrich farm, lunar observatory, Army Museum, Lukut Fort, Alive 3D Art Gallery and many more. Most of these tourist attractions accept major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

However, it is advisable to bring sufficient cash, as a backup plan and your ATM card to make cash withdrawals. You can also head to the nearest money exchange provider in one of  the major shopping malls in Port Dickson, to find out the best currency exchange rate for all your holiday and travel needs. 

3. How to get to Port Dickson

Perfect sunset shot over the beachside in Port Dickson
Port Dickson is a haven for photography enthusiasts looking to capture the perfect sunset shot.


At a mere 90-kilometre drive away from Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson is a popular destination of choice frequented by locals looking for a break from the busy city life. It’s even closer to travel from KLIA to Port Dickson and from KLIA2 to Port Dickson, making this coastal paradise a great alternative to KL for a stopover.

If you are travelling from KLIA to Port Dickson or from KLIA2 to Port Dickson, there is no direct public transport or airport shuttle, so you would need to take a bus from KLIA or KLIA2 to Seremban and then on to Port Dickson. The easiest way to journey from KLIA to Port Dickson or from KLIA2 to Port Dickson would off course be to hire a car from a ride sharing service like Grab or take a taxi for a 50-kilometre ride, which will cost you just a little below MYR100.


4. Where to stay in Port Dickson

Peaceful Balinese-inspired water villa at Grand Lexis Port Dickson
Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and restore your inner balance with a relaxing beach retreat.


Wondering about the best place to stay during your Port Dickson trip? Grand Lexis Port Dickson is one of the most popular resorts recommended by many Port Dickson travel guides online. This beachfront resort offers you the option of over-water villas, garden chalets and sky pool villas, each come with a luxurious private pool that is perfect for a cooling splash in the sunny Port Dickson weather. This quaint seafront paradise is just minutes away from Port Dickson town and easily connects to various popular Port Dickson attractions. For the convenience of its guests, the resort offers shuttle services from Port Dickson to KLIA and Port Dickson to KLIA2.


Sunset view over the water villa by the sea at Grand Lexis Port Dickson.
Feel the cool tropical breeze and the sounds of splashing waves right from your own private water villa. 


Other than from reading the bucketloads of information provided by various Port Dickson travel guides online, one will need to personally visit Port Dickson to experience and appreciate its sunny tropical vibe and rustic Malaysian charm. Click HERE to read more about the various places of interest worth visiting in Port Dickson. If a weekend in Port Dickson enjoying the sunny weather is just what the doctor ordered, book your stay at Grand Lexis Port Dickson now so that after a day of exploring the fascinating attractions that Port Dickson has to offer, you can retire to a spacious room with a private pool and plush thick beds for a blissfully restful stay. 


What to Expect and Prepare when You Travel to Port Dickson

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